Checking out other parents

2017-07-26 15.53.12When our new little family of three walks down the street in our neighborhood, we get lots of nice reactions from passersby. Children see us and say “baby!” and peek into the bassinet. Little old ladies say, “Oh, so lovely! What a blessing!” Even a group of skateboarding teenagers nicely moved away from the sidewalk so my stroller and I could pass by.

But the parents? They check us out in a different way.

“Oooh, that’s the Uppababy Cruz stroller, honey. We were thinking about getting that one.”

“Oh look, Mark, do you see the brand of carrier they’re using?”

“I didn’t know you could fit that carseat with that stroller and top it off with that toy on top of the toddler skateboard in the lime green version with the extra large wheels and the calming lavender scent that continuously plays ‘It’s a Small World.’ We should have gotten that one!”

It’s so fascinating, because we all clearly did a lot of research (or copied a trusted friend who did a lot of research) onto what gear to buy. Seeing it pass us by in person tends to be way more interesting to us parents than the actual living human inside of the devices.

Except for our little human. She’s obviously the most interesting.


UPDATE: I wrote this blog yesterday (Tuesday) and posted it Wednesday morning. Just a few hours after I posted it, I went to brunch with a friend, and an expectant mother awkwardly approached me at the table. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” she said, “but can you tell me if you are happy with your stroller and carseat combo? I was thinking about buying the same one.” I seriously cannot make this stuff up. Here’s to you, parents and parents-to-be who love to talk to strangers about baby gear!


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