What does my jaw line even look like?

IMG_7999I am definitely enjoying parenthood more than I enjoyed being pregnant. While pregnant I had to deal with fun things like nausea, acne, food aversions, and gestational diabetes, and my body definitely was not my own.

Now, being a parent, my new little creature is on the outside of me! This is great because, well, I can keep my food down, but also because I am spared from the comments from friends, family, and strangers who loved to comment about my body size. “You look so small!” “You’re getting so big!” “You’re carrying low/high/big/small/an alien!”

Instead, people admire and compliment my obviously gorgeous, ready-to-be-a-Baby-Gap-model baby. “Serena is so beautiful!” “Look at that hair!” “Love her little toes.”

Once the initial once-over is completed, everyone wants to comment on who she looks like. Does she look like me? Maybe like Adam? Or a little bit of both?

And then … back to the weird stares at my face and body.

“Well, I think she definitely has your jaw line.” “I think she’s all Adam from the forehead up.” “Her nose sort of reminds me of her great-grandmother’s nose.”

Never in my life have I had so many people stare at me to determine the shape of my lower lip. In fact, in my 30 years of living I don’t think I’ve ever even paid attention to the shape of any of my facial features. I don’t even know what I look like!

I look forward to seeing you all in person, dear readers, and having you analyze mine and Serena’s nostrils.



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